Friday, September 19, 2008

All that Remains - Overcome (2008)

All that Remains - Overcome (2008)

Bonus tracks for Japan:
12. Frozen
13. Two Weeks (Radio Edit)
1. Before the Damned 02:50 [view lyrics]
2. Two Weeks 04:17 [view lyrics]
3. Undone 03:12 [view lyrics]
4. Forever In Your Hands 03:36 [view lyrics]
5. Chiron 04:24 [view lyrics]
6. Days Without 03:11 [view lyrics]
7. Song for the Hopeless 04:15 [view lyrics]
8. Do Not Obey 03:12 [view lyrics]
9. Relinquish 02:51 [view lyrics]
10. Overcome 02:38 [view lyrics]
11. Believe In Nothing (Nevermore Cover) 02:23 [view lyrics]
Total playing time 36:49

Uploaded by Cirith Gorgor
Melodic death from USA


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