Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crucifer, Throneum, Sathanas & Bestial Mockery - Deep Grave Dungeons (2008)

Crucifer, Throneum, Sathanas & Bestial Mockery - Deep Grave Dungeons (2008)

Crucifier (USA)
01 Foul Deeds Will Rise
02 Sodomy Of Angels
03 Demons of Filth
04 Plunging Pitchforks Through Paradise

Throneum (Poland)
05 Bestial Incineration
06 Godless Antihuman Evil
07 Rites of Forefathers
08 Ave Satanas (Acheron Cover)

Sathanas (USA)
09 Satan's Plague
10 Prayer of Hell (Acheron Cover)
11 Guardian of the Abyss
12 Blood Sacrifice

Bestial Mockery (Sweden)
13 Scream for War
14 Path of Death
15 Infantry Storm
16 Chainsaw Enforcer

Uplaoded by Cirith Gorgor
Stuff for black thrashers maniacs!!!


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I've had my laptop since like April, and just at the beginning of this month it started getting really slow (online and offline), and eventually started warning me about how my hard disk is apparently bad, and I should send it to my manufacturer or something. I was able to hit cancel on these notifications and ignore them, and go about whatever I was doing. I don't want to buy a whole new laptop :(. Maybe ignoring the warnings of imminent failure wasn't wise, but I can't even boot up right anymore. It was just a bad hard disk, I don't think I had any terrible viruses. In fact I don't even know what caused this. ----the question------- But yeah, if I bought a new hard drive, would that fix everything? I'd be pretty much back to where I was when I first got the thing, assuming I bought a hard drive of the same size? ----------------------------- I assume it's the slightly cheaper option as opposed to buying a whole new laptop (Dell Studio 15). If I did, would I just unscrew/take out the hard drive in there now, buy a new one and screw that one in? And I'm good to go? I don't care about the files that were on there, I'm not losing anything important. But like I said, it's only the hard disk that's bad, as far as I know. I don't think the whole laptop is garbage or anything. It was only $700, but still... While I was getting prompts about this stuff, it recommended I take these instructions and print them/save them onto my flash drive: " Instructions For Fixing Hard Disk Errors: We strongly recommend that you backup your computer to avoid potential data loss. After you have backed up your computer, you should contact your computer manufacturer or other hardware technical support to determine if the disk with errors needs to be repaired or replaced. We recommend that you store these printed instructions together with the media used to back up your data (for example, the CDs or USB flash drive used to store your backup), so that everything you need to fix your computer is in one place. The following information is provided to help the hardware technical support person diagnose the hard disk with errors. Disk Name: Hitachi HTS543225L9A300 ATA Device Volume: D:\;C:\" If someone who knows about this stuff could help me out, tell me what to do, that would be much appreciated.

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