Friday, November 28, 2008

Sacred Reich - Ignorance (2008 Reissue) Thrash metal

Sacred Reich - Ignorance (2008 Reissue) Thrash metal

Reissued with a poster insert.
1. Death Squad 04:24 [view lyrics]
2. Victim of Demise 03:35 [view lyrics]
3. Layed to Rest 02:20
4. Ignorance 04:07 [view lyrics]
5. No Believers 03:23 [view lyrics]
6. Violent Solutions 04:16 [view lyrics]
7. Rest in Peace 03:45 [view lyrics]
8. Sacred Reich 03:17 [view lyrics]
9. Administrative Decisions 03:27 [view lyrics]
Total playing time 32:34

pass: cirithgorgor


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