Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Enslavement Of Beauty - The Perdition (2009) EP
Melodic Black/Gothic Metal From Norway (Oslo)
2009, January 15th
40,8 MB mp3VBR@284kbps

The Perdition is an upcoming EP from the Norwegian metal band Enslavement of
Beauty that will be released in earliest 2009. The album was recorded at
Farmyard Studio and Kamfer Studios, in Mosjøen, Norway and will be released by
INRI Unlimited. All music are written and performed by Tony Eugene Tunheim, the
lyrics are written and vocals performd by Ole Alexander Myrholt. Cover art by
Sten Brian Tunheim. The EP will be mixed and mastered by Henrik Ryösä at
SCANIMETAL in Luleå, Sweden. A video for the song "Lush", produced by Sten
Brian Tunheim, was recorded in Bergen in springtime 2008.

1. (Intro) A Kodak Kiss 01:04
2. I Treasure the Sadness 04:22
3. Lush 03:40
4. Severely Flawed 04:25
5. Mirror Souls 04:22
6. I Descend to Perdition... 03:19

Total playing time: 21:12