Sunday, February 01, 2009

Entwine - Painstained (2009)
Gothic Metal From Finland (Lahti)
2009, January 28th
93,3 MB mp3@320kbps

Entwine was originally assembled as a death metal band, Kaamos, Finland in 1995 by guitarist and vocalist Tom Mikkola, drummer Aki Hanttu and bassist Taipale. In 1997 they decided to change Entwine’s musical style to gothic metal and rhythm guitarist and vocalist Panu Willman was shortly after added to the band’s line-up. In December of that year, Entwine recorded its first demo, entitled Divine Infinity. In February of 1998 keyboard player Riitta Heikkonen joined the band.

1. Soul Sacrifice 04:51
2. Strife 03:20
3. Dying Moan 05:43
4. Beautifully Confined 03:50
5. Lost in My Denial 04:25
6. Greed of Mankind 03:29
7. Dead by Silence 03:37
8. Hollow 05:07
9. Caught by Desire 04:31
10. Say Goodbye 04:33

Total playing time: 43:26



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