Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Disappearer - The Clearing (2009)
Melodic Atmospheric Sludge Metal From U.S.A. (Boston, Massachusetts)
2009, May 5th, Magic Bullet Records
83 MB mp3@VBR224kbps

When noted Boston hardcore band There Were Wires finally collapsed it came as somewhat of a relief to it’s 5 members. Before the break-up, the band had met more than their share of obstacles: 3 different guitarists, the loss of the label they called home (a mere 3 days before their sophomore release was to hit stores), a brutal workplace accident that nearly severed 3 fingers off of guitarist Thomas Moses’ right hand (they were thankfully re-attached). So when they decided to end the band, drummer Ryan Begley, bassist Jebb Riley and the aforementioned guitarist, Thomas Moses saw the opportunity for a fresh start.

With renewed purpose and vigor, they set to work writing the first batch of songs that would soon be recorded with longtime friend Keith Souza in Providence Rhode Island. At times heavy and brooding, melancholy and thunderous, spare and glimmering, the now instrumental trio achieved with their newfound freedom and space, things they had never thought possible with their former band. The songs seamlessly tumble through a vast palette of moods from lurching, feedback-drenched doom to glorious, harmonic triumph to thoughtfully orchestrated, melodic simplicity.

01. A Skull Full of Bats (4:06)
02. Dissolve (4:28)
03. Villainous Moon (4:58)
04. Etched (4:20)
05. Glassland (6:36)
06. Obsidian (6:16)
07. Nausea (4:33)
08. Nine Hearts (4:48)
09. Vein Harvest (4:24)
10. The Clearing (6:51)

Total playing time: 51:20