Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Burns Red - Constellations (2009)

Technical Melodic Metalcore From U.S.A. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
44 MB mp3@128kbps


1. Thirty and Seven (3:18)
2. Existence (3:53)
3. Ocean of Apathy (3:56)
4. White Washed (3:46)
5. Marianas Trench (4:18)
6. The Escape Artist (3:57)
7. Indonesia (3:34)
8. Paradox (3:19)
9. Meridian (5:59)
10. Rationalist (2:38)
11. Meddler (3:53)
12. Crusades (5:11)

Total playing time: 47:42


Password: ZPHfNqrkYb


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