Monday, July 06, 2009

Code For Silence - D.Ecaying M.Atter - O.Rganic N.Emesis (2009)

Melodic Death Metal From Finland (Jyväskylä)
2009 / June 15th / Off Records Finland
82,4 MB mp3@CBR320kbps

Recordings of debut album was finally finished in January 2009 and it holds on 9 vicious songs which combine fast and groovy thrash metal riffs, headbanging rhythms and death metal's intensity to movie-like orchestrations and industrial overtone. All this served with two destructive voices from underworld will guarantee the extreme music experience for you.

Antti Ström - Vocals (No Sign of Life)
Tony Kaikkonen - Vocals (Bone 5)
Anssi Komi - Guitar, Synth (My Dawn, Misery of Insomnia)
Teemu Liekkala - Guitar, Synth (Beyond The Dream, Manufacturer's Pride)
Petteri Kattainen - Bass (Blood-Stained, Beyond The Dream)
Rolf Pilve - Drums

1. ...For I Am A Demon (06:21)
2. Worst Case Scenario (03:53)
3. Lady Delmoore (04:32)
4. Deathmatch (03:29)
5. The Day (04:08)
6. New Form Of Therapy (04:08)
7. Havoc (04:50)
8. Fields Of No More (03:51)
9. Giant Man (06:56)

Total playing time: 42:08
Password: iyQIRT41Lt


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